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Is there any trauma or lack in your life? Recurring and undesired challenges you just can’t seem to be able to solve? Perhaps you lost someone close to you, and find it difficult to recover, accept and move on. Maybe you are trying so hard to find that special someone, or that coveted job or career, or even just some genuine meaning in your daily routine, yet achieve little to no success or fulfillment in doing so? Does everyone else around you seem to have some or all of it figured out, while you yourself feel left disadvantaged, disillusioned and dissatisfied? Or maybe you are mostly content in your life, and are seeking answers about yourself, your reality and your world that no science, religion, belief or nature has provided yet?

Enter Absolute Truth, providing you with the unequivocal, undisputable and everlasting answers to your personal questions, challenges and life events. By redefining your life, reality and existence with meaning of Absolute Truth, you may allow yourself to simply, clearly and easily:

Know how and why anything
does or doesn't 'happen' to you.

Regain conscious control of
your life and your power of choice.

Understand how your beliefs
influence your life experience.

Recognize and apply the most powerful
tools at your disposal to sustainably achieve and experience your
desires and true wants.

Discover what your ‘unconscious’ truly is
and rediscover the eternal foundations
of your non-physical existence.

Find out the personality choices
you made even before you were born, how they affect your choices in
physical life, and what the experience
​of ‘death’ actually is.

Achieve an unprecedented sense of
self-worth, freedom and fulfilment,

even in the midst of the most
    challenging personal, social, mass
and global events

Get to know the true purpose and experience of your sexuality and emotions, your inner senses, your
​energy centers and much, much more ...

Absolute Truth takes you on your ultimate journey of self-discovery and self-trust, for it holds the simple, generic principles by which only you choose and create all of your own reality.

German, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Hindi, Bengali, Arabic and Hebrew.



For more than 25 years,
Joab Russo has been investigating and corroborating Absolute Truth.
Through expressing and sharing of this transformational journey, Joab enjoys helping others in discovering, understanding and applying Absolute Truth towards self-discovery, awareness and fulfillment.






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