"I had the amazing opportunity to work with Joab  during a very difficult time in my life - an international relocation combined with a tough job search. I started our sessions stressed out, self-conscious and exhausted (mentally & physically). Joab started by learning about me, my personality, preferences & beliefs to customise the sessions for my greatest benefit in terms of context and approach. Then, Joab helped me understand the book Absolute Truth as well as how it applied to my life. Thanks to his wisdom and guidance, I finished the sessions revitalised with a greater self-awareness which grounded me as well as helped me regain my self-confidence and trust in my decision making. Regardless of external events (even a global pandemic), I continue to create the life I want with joy and fulfilment as I realise my dreams and embrace the journey with grace and gratitude. I strongly recommend Joab & Truth Consulting for you to do the same."

Female, age 54.